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Simple and favorable hotel booking
Shifting the responsibility of booking a reservation to the responsibility of Carlton Travel is a benefit both financially and in terms of time costs.
Carlton Travel means high service quality standards and clear regulations for the implementation of work processes. A long and steadily developing, exclusive partnership with global networks of hotels and partners, and accreditation in the International Air Carriers Association (IATA) has become our hallmark and confirmation of compliance with the international level of professionalism.
When organizing official or private visits, business trips, vacations, corporate trips, and in any event that requires participants to stay in hotels, room reservations can be made at different rates.
Carlton Travel has its own access to special rates for most hotels around the world. Such a system operates under the auspices of supporting the global hotel program.
  • Special discounts from the prices stated in the public tariffs
  • Choice of star level of hotels and apartments from economy to super-lux
  • Actual updating of information on prices and availability of rooms
  • Automatic booking confirmations and provision of a voucher to an email address

If you have any questions, you can always count on round-the-clock advice from our support team.

Simple and profitable hotel booking is guaranteed all over the world for everyone who appreciates convenience, respects reasonably low prices and understands the modern style of event tourism, travel, stay as part of a business trip.
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