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The sale of railway tickets on the Internet is carried out today using cashless payment systems from any smartphone. Making a travel document is also not difficult.

If we are not talking about the need to order travel documents for a department or an entire branch of the company.

Corporate clients of Carlton Travel always have the best deals on sales of electronic tickets for railway trains around the world.
What is the benefit of ordering train tickets
It is not always possible to purchase itinerary receipts on your own, for example for complex European Railway (DeutscheBahn and Rail Europe) multi-routes and journeys between destinations within Europe. To search and book, you often have to operate with several aggregators. While our company provides the customer with complete information

• about the schedule of movement and connections
• availability
• time of departure and arrival of trains
• final cost of tickets
• the possibility of self-registration and insurance
• ticket return conditions

Additional services - air tickets and hotel reservations are made if the itinerary includes flights and overnight connections.
When ordering railway tickets, corporate clients of our company are waiting for the best conditions. In addition to the already listed types of routes and the ability to buy travel documents by a non-cash method, users have access to the meeting service from any train. Long-distance or high-speed electric train - transportation to the city with comfort corresponding to the status of the arrival will be carried out exactly at the scheduled time, and the meeting will be organized directly at the carriage.

In most cases, when buying train tickets, corporate clients are not concerned about refund issues in case of an unforeseen situation. How the system of international and domestic orders works in your case, check with Carlton Travel specialists.
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